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The New Covenant

We’ll ask some hard questions about what we really believe. If we are part of the NEW covenant, who was in the OLD covenant? Does this have to do with salvation? What about King David? Is he a member of the NEW covenant? What about Moses? Is the OLD covenant the same as the OLD testament? Let’s learn together, as we dissect Paul, Moses and of course, Jeremiah.

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Why Did G-d Give the Law?

  • Was the Law given to show man that he needed a Savior?
  • Is it possible to keep the Law? Can anyone do it??
  • Does the Law have any relevance for us?
  • Was the Law nailed to the cross at Calvary?
  • And more…

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Animal Sacrifices and How They Apply to Us

It says in Leviticus that animal sacrifices made atonement for sin. How does this concept fit with Hebrews 10, which says the blood of bulls and goats could never take away sin?

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Why Keep the Passover?

Is Passover just for Jews? Examine the scriptural mandates and extraordinary visual pictures of Messiah presented against the backdrop of the exodus from Egypt.


Jesus is a Rabbi

This short teaching was given to grade school students at a local private school. There are seven ways the scriptures clearly identify Yeshua as a rabbi, not merely a teacher.

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So You Think You Are Going to Heaven

This class is not about salvation. It’s about our ultimate destination. Find out what the sages of Israel have taught about Messiah and the world to come.

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Hanukkah and the End Times

Have you ever wondered why in Matthew 28 there is a parenthetical statement “let the reader understand”? Have you ever wondered what the reader should understand? Examine the parallels between the Maccabean revolt and the last days.

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G-d’s Calendar: Regular Rhythms of Righteousness

Explore the comparison between the traditional church calendar and G-d’s calendar. Learn the appointments G-d wants to keep with His people. During this class we build a working model of each one.


Purim Unmasked

Hidden truths in the book of Esther.

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Colossians 2

No one is to act as your judge…when?


What time IS it?

A look at dispensationalism.


Animal Sacrifices & Yeshua

Look closer at the animal sacrifices and how they relate to Yeshua.


The People of G-d

Who are they?

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Study of the last days.

PowerPoint pt. 1  |  Audio pt. 1   |  PowerPoint pt. 2  |  Audio pt. 2

Gentiles Keeping the Torah

Divine invitation or covenant obligation?


High Holy Days

Preparation for The Days of Awe

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The New Covenant

What is this all about?

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Practical steps.

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