What We Believe

  • Yeshua is the promised Messiah to Israel.
  • All of G-d’s commandments continue to be incumbent upon His followers.
  • The Biblical Scripture is inspired by G-d, being absolutely inerrant in the original languages, and are the only infallible source of truth.

Given a choice between identifying with historic Christianity or historic Judaism, we tend to identify with historic Judaism. Our faith-walk reflects that identification.

The second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles closes with an encouraging faith-walk description:

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and THE PRAYERS. (Acts 2:42 ESV)

This definitive reference to “the prayers” supports our practice of historical, liturgical prayer. It is our hope that those who attend the services at Bella Torah will have the opportunity, through community, to practice devotion to the Apostle’s teaching, fellowship, breaking bread and the prayers.